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How long do treatments last?


Our goal is to get you better, not perform endless treatments with minimal results. We also want to provide you tips and techniques that you can use on your own. Everything we do is designed to get you to where you want to be, and we work with you and listen to your concerns to create a plan that you are comfortable with and that works. That being said, each treatment program is different. When you come in for a consultation and assessment, we can give you a better idea of what your unique program might consist of and how long we think it might take to rehabilitate you and/or reach your personal goals.


How much do your treatment programs cost?


Since our treatment programs are individually tailored to each person, costs of services will vary. However, all costs are discussed up front, so there are no hidden expenses to worry about and we offer cash payment programs for every budget. We also accept many forms of insurance – so in many cases, patients’ out of pocket costs are vastly reduced.


Will I be able to get to you easily? What’s the parking situation like?


Located near Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and Mid City, we are easy to get to from most areas of the city and are situated off a quiet, easily accessible street with great parking right in front of the building. Check out our office hours and map below.


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