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Every person is different. That’s why we believe in the power of “personalized medicine.” It’s a new model of patient care based on an old-fashioned idea: treating patients like people, and putting them at the center of everything we do.


If you run, hike, surf, lift weights, play sports, or even just stay in one place most of the day – we can get you back out there doing the things you love.


We start by getting to the root of the real problem, which means looking beyond just the clinical signs and symptoms. We blend state-of-the-art assessments with time-tested techniques that help us uncover the issues impacting your health. Then, we design individualized treatment plans that integrate the most proven and effective methods. From traditional medicine to chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy, exercise therapy and more–working in harmony.


We’re also big believers in empowering people. We take the time to educate you in what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and what you can do to take an active role in the process.


Our goal? At ProEx, it’s not just to get you well. It’s to give you the tools and the understanding to live life to your fullest, and healthiest, potential – and to feel great while doing it.











As current and former athletes, we have each experienced injury and understand the difficulties and emotional strain it can cause. But, we also know the healing process, what it takes to get better and how to motivate our patients so they can get back in the game.


We are not just a team here at Pro-Ex, we are a family. We work closely together and it’s our truly collaborative approach to wellness that makes our services as successful as they are. We also believe in maintaining a team of genuinely good people that care about others, who are easy to talk to, and that make our practice a very positive place to be.

Chris Bernier

Dr. of Chiropractic

Chris Culley

Executive Director

Ian Lichtwardt

Clinical Exercise


Anthony Ramirez

Massage Therapist


"This is a wellness clinic the way it should be. I’m pretty healthy but was having issues with some weakness in one of my arms..went off to see Dr. Bernier at ProEx (recommended to me by a friend). I’m usually a bit nervous about doctors but felt immediately at ease upon entering the clinic…serene, tasteful......(easy parking always a plus)..great receptionist who took care of me immediately."

 - Bryan W, Beverly Hills, CA

"I went to my doctor because I was having shoulder pain, and it was getting worse and worse. He referred me to ProEx Performance Group. I’ve been working with Annita, their physical therapist, whose knowledge and background is helping me to get back into the gym. My pain is almost gone!"

- Mark S, Los Angeles, CA




Our facilities are clean, comfortable and state-of-the-art. Safety and cleanliness are a top priority at our location, so we keep our equipment spotless and working smoothly. Our massage and individual therapy rooms are inviting, with a healing atmosphere - not sterile, lifeless spaces.


Located near Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and Mid City, we are easy to get to from most areas of the city and are situated off a quiet, easily accessible street with great parking right in front of the building.

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