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We are not just a team here at Pro-Ex, we are a family. We work closely together and it’s our truly collaborative approach to wellness that makes our services as successful as they are. We also believe in maintaining a team of genuinely good people that care about others, who are easy to talk to, and that make our practice a very positive place to be.


Though it might sound cliché, we’re each very passionate about what we do and about giving people back their freedom of movement. We listen to our patients and know what it’s like to be in their shoes. As current and former athletes, we have each experienced injury and understand the difficulties and emotional strain it can cause. But, we also know the healing process, what it takes to get better and how to motivate our patients so they can get back in the game.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism and respect, for each other and our patients. And, we each have many years of experience in our areas of specialty, yet we live as perpetual students, continuously working to stay atop our individual fields through continuing education.


Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine

As a former athlete and all around active person, Chris has had is fair share of pain and injury and can relate to his patients. Through his many years of experience healing the body and helping to give people back their freedom of movement, he has harnessed the power of teamwork and built a practice around the idea that each person deserves an individualized approach to wellness as unique as they are.


Executive Director

Chris began his career in the insurance industry and enjoys using his past management skills and passion for wellness to help people feel better and to witness their progress to a healthier and happier self. Honesty, dedication and loyalty are the virtues he values and promotes as essential in maintaining good relationships and building a healthier world


Massage Therapist

Anthony has been doing massage for 12 years and has 10,000 hours of practical experience. He has primarily worked with chiropractors in a clinical setting to increase the patient’s mobility using soft tissue manipulation. 


Anthony has helped countless patients using diverse techniques in the process of healing maladies such as shoulder rotator cuff injuries, IT band syndrome, low back pain, neck and shoulder issues and other challenges.

Stay tuned! We continue to grow and are currently working on getting all of our new people up here soon.

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