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Do you have work-related discomfort? A sports injury? How about stiffness and pain from a recent (or even not so recent) surgery? There are many musculoskeletal issues that can be resolved through movement therapies. We can help you reduce and eliminate pain and even prevent it in the first place. Read on to see how we can help you.


Whether you have acute trauma, chronic day-to-day pain, or flare-ups from past injuries, we understand how frustrating it is to feel limited by pain and discomfort. We will work with you to develop an individual treatment program, combining the best and most effective therapies to remove pain and give you back your freedom of movement.








You can achieve peak performance after an injury. We, along with many of our patients, are living proof. As current and former athletes ourselves, we have experienced injury and pain stemming from an active lifestyle. We know the frustration. But, we also know what it takes to heal even the most complex sports injuries and get back in the game – even stronger than before.


As a group of medical experts with a well-rounded approach to wellness, we take a holistic approach to surgical rehabilitation. As with other conditions and injuries we treat, we use a combination of the most effective therapies, while most clinics focus on just one or two.


Your body adjusts to how you use it. When it is inactive for long periods, it freezes up: muscles become weak and joints become stiff. The same goes for imbalanced and/or repetitive motions. Targeted strength and conditioning exercises, along with other effective therapies can return your body to a state of balance and flexibility.



Do you feel sluggish and want to restore your energy? Are you an athlete who wants to improve your game and prevent common sports-injuries? Or perhaps you are at a higher risk for certain conditions or have suffered them in the past and would like to do everything possible to stay healthy and disease free? Our services offer you more than a short-term vision of your health. We create a program that translates to lifelong habits and skills.

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