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Your mom was right when she told you to “sit up straight” and “stop slouching.” But it’s about more than that.


If you have poor posture and alignment while performing daily activities such as desk work, exercise, and everything in between, your muscles and joints are not in the ideal position to accept increased or repetitive force, which creates wear and tear and may lead to both acute injuries and/or chronic pain, often worsening over time.


This compound effect translates to a variety of health implications including mood issues and overall stress response. Our physical body and mental outlook are closely intertwined and posture and movement have a strong effect on our mental states and how we perceive our world. Establishing a strong, healthy body awareness is an important key to overall body/mind wellness.


We use the latest technology to take a posture grid picture of you to show you where you are likely imbalanced and what effects this might have on your body mechanics. We can also use various other assessment tools to identify existing sources of pain or learn how an injury or chronic condition is affecting the rest of your body.


Are you ready to get a complete picture of your health? Request an appointment now for a free assessment

and consultation.



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