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We’ve received so many wonderful compliments from people we’ve helped. Below are just a few. We’ll let them tell you what they think of us…


"This is a wellness clinic the way it should be. I’m pretty healthy but was having issues with some weakness in one of my arms..went off to see Dr. Bernier at ProEx (recommended to me by a friend) .I’m usually a bit nervous about doctors but felt immediately at ease upon entering the clinic…serene, tasteful......"

Bryan W, Beverly Hills, CA



"I went to my doctor because I was having shoulder pain, and it was getting worse and worse. He referred me to ProEx Performance Group. I’ve been working with Annita, their physical therapist, whose knowledge and background is helping me to get back into the gym. My pain is almost gone!"

Mark S, Los Angeles, CA



"I've been Dr. Bernier's patient for over a year and cannot appreciate him enough for what he has done for me. Being a dentist, I have had some posture/work-related muscle spasms and back pain. Dr. Bernier has always been there for me, accomodated me immediately and provided excellent treatment. The office is clean and beautiful. Staff especially Chris is very nice and professional..just a solid team!"

Nima M, Los Angeles, CA



"Last year I was in a car accident that left me feeling like "Humpty Dumpty." After seeking the help of conventional medicine - things did not get much better.  I still was experiencing excruciating pain in my back, knees, neck, right hand and shoulder. I could hardly walk.  I decided to try the ProEX Performance Group as an alternative, and I am glad I did.  When I arrived at the office, the staff was professional and the office was clean. Surprisingly, I was able to consult with the Chiropractor, Dr. Chris Bernier on the same day. This meeting was the first step of my new beginning."

Missy G, Los Angeles, CA


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